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FS - Opamps & Chipamps


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2009-12-29 12:07 am

So I've got lots of opamps and chipamps left over from huge prototype projects.

These were purchased from authorized vendors so guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Quantity is more than you can buy, just name the number you need. :)

For this time, here is the list:

+ Opamps:
OPA827AID. $8/ea.
OPA1612AID. $5.5/ea
LME49710HA. $6/ea
LME49720HA. $7/ea
LME49713HA. $10/ea
LME49860NA. $2.5/ea

+ Chipamps:
LM3875TF. $6.5/ea
LM3886T. $6.5/ea
LM4780TA. $11.5/ea

+ Other parts:
PGA2320IDW $15/ea
PCM1794ADBR $10/ea
My_Ref C LM3886 pcbs: $16/stereo set.

Considering the small parts, I have a minimum order of $15, plus shipping (probably $6 via Airmail Registered) and PP fee. For any order over $50, shipping is free and there is no PP fee.

You can either PM me or email me at tran_th [at] ymail [dot] com

Some not-so-clear pics:





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