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FS: NOS Russia Caps & Resistors

2 - 0.1uF 600V FT-3 teflon
2 - 0.22uF 600V FT-3 teflon
9 - 0.015uF 200V FT-1 teflon
9 - 3300pF 200V FT-1 teflon
4 - 0.047uF 500V KCT-2 silver mica
20 - 0.015uF 250V K71 polystyrol
2 - 1uF 250V K71 polystyrol
4 - 1uF 200V K40 paper-in-oil
2 - 1uF 250V K73 PETP
2 - 1uF 250V K42 paper-in-oil
2 - 0.15uF 250V K42 paper-in-oil
2 - 0.22uF 200V K40 paper-in-oil

4 - 22K 2W wirewound
4 - 2.2K 2W wirewound
2 - 100R 2W wirewound
2 - 3.3M 2W wirewound
2 - 330K 2W wirewound

I can ship small quantities to USA in small bubble envelopes for $3. I'd prefer to sell the whole lot and ship in a USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box!



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