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FS: NIB RAAL 140-15d and AE TD-15M

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FS: 1 NIB pair of RAAL 140-15d ribbon tweeters. Also a pair of NIB Acoustic Elegance TD-15M drivers. These two drivers are very special and would make a great 2-way. I was working on it for the past year off and on, but have lost steam. Too many projects going on. So selling both sets of drivers. If you're local, you could pick up the boxes too for free. Nice 13-ply baltic birch plywood. HUGE though. 10cuF or so. Both are in various stages of completion.

- Asking $650 + shipping for the RAAL drivers (retail $1000)

- Asking $475 + shipping for the AE TD-15M drivers (retail $600)

- Purchase both for $1050 + shipping.
Looking forward to hearing what Tubino does with these. :)

Yeah, me too! My first plan was a simple two-way to compare with Tannoy DMT15 studio monitors... but looking at what the RAAL can do on the extreme HF end, I might try using them first to cover the VHF of an existing two-way that sometimes misses a tweeter over a 2" compression driver...

I would really like to hear what others have done with the RAAL. Are most people following the manufacturer recommendations of 1600hz 4th order? How does it sound when used at say 1000 when used with low power? And with HF performance out to 100K, what about limiting use to 5K and up? That may be the first thing I try...
I just looked again at SPL vs frequency for the RAAL. It's an honest flat 95db from 4.5Khz on, and doesn't hit -3db from that till WAY out there at 50K.

So I'm thinking this could be run with no attenuation, 4.5k up with maybe 3rd order, and fit fine with my TAD setup, which is probably around 95db/1w/1m.
Another update: yesterday I put one TD-15M in each one of a pair of JBL 4648 cabinets. I covered the other 15" hole and about half of the ports and hooked them up to a Rotel integrated and Toshiba CDP. While that was happening I hooked up a pair of crossovers and pair of JBL 2441s with constant directivity horns.

VERY VERY PROMISING, just what I wanted, namely a fun rockin' dynamic system in the mancave. Will work on a better crossover and some refinements (tune ports, reduce cab volume a little), and will add a pair of 2404s.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.