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FS: NEW QSC SF-1 subwoofer filter


I have a brand new QSC SF-1 subwoofer filter module that I intended to use for my sub. I no longer need it since I bought a sub amp with both high pass and sub sonic filters. THis is perfect for a DIY sub for use with external pro amps. THe filters are of the 2nd order.

It has the following low pass and high pass filter settings and comes with the resistor networks.

Frequency Resistor Network Value (RN3 or RN4)
20 82K Factory set for RN3
25 68K
32 56K
35 47K
40 39K
50 33K
63 27K
80 20K
100 18K
135 12K
160 10K
200 8.2K
250 6.8K Factory set for RN4

YOu can find the manual here : SF-1 Manual

I have the schematic as well. If you'd like to take a look at it please email me at sgunapu at yahoo dot com

asking $25 shipped.