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FS: New Mallory 15,000µf 100V Screw-Terminal Capacitors

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Apex Jr said:
This seems like a great price but it would be good
if you also listed the date codes on these caps
or a picture.........

Steve @ Apex Jr
Caps are brand-spanking new. I have no idea how to read the date code...the numbers on the cap are 658-0718-160.
forte123 said:
hi there,
will these caps fit my forte' 4a ?
i wish to buy the 4 caps for my amp, if you know for sure they are the ones i need.
got your name form "jacco vermeulen" who thought they might fit.
thx jacco !
My first post includes the size. You'll have to be the one who determines if they will fit or not.
jacco vermeulen said:

EIA source and data code ; manufacturer ID-production date- production number => 0718 = 18th week of 2007
(EIA= Electronics Industry Association)
Thank you.


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The last person to enquire has suddenly gone mute after I got them all packed and ready to go, as well as getting quotes on shipping costs.

So yes, these caps are STILL available. Gentlemen, I offered them up at $50 so they'd be gone fast. The caps sold originally for $47 each.

FWIW, shipping to the UK will be about $40 (Priority Mail is the only realistic option, as Parcel Post service has been discontinued by the US Postal Service for international shipments).
seventenths said:
Still available?
Jan jumped in where everybody else dropped the ball. Sorry 7/10...

ACD said:
Thanks EchoWars ;)
You are quite welcome. I dunno where you're going to use these long suckers, but I hope they serve you well.

As a last note, it is unbelievable how many people emailed me through DiyAudio, only to have my reply bounce back to me because they have changed their email since signing up with the site. If you use the email function through DiyAudio to contact someone, also use some common sense and realize that their reply will be coming back to the only email DiyAudio knows about...the one in your profile.

Get with it, gentlemen (and ladies). :smash:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.