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FS: Neurochrome DIY DG300b stereo 300B SET amplifier


2016-04-13 4:31 pm
I purchased this directly from Matt who originally built this amplifier. It's been a lot of fun to listen to - but as we do, I'm off in different directions.

This is an unusual SET amp in that it has balanced inputs with input transformers for galvanic isolation and ground loop abatement. You certainly can use RCA inputs with RCA to XLR adapters.

Gain is low, and you will need about 4.2 volts input to get the amp to full output. You will need a preamp with some gain for best results.

The output is set for 8 ohm speaker resistance, but 16 ohm taps have been added if your speakers can accommodate that.

Here is Matt's original For Sale post:

FS: Neurochrome DIY DG300b stereo 300b SET amplifier

All of his comments are still true except for the following:
  • 16 ohm taps were added to the back panel to work with Zu Audio speakers
  • Sonicap coupling caps were upgraded to the V-Cap TFTF 0.22uF/600v

Electroharmonix 300B and Gold Lion 6DJ8 type tubes included.

All design and build documentation will be included. I'll also forward the biasing instructions to the new owner.



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