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FS: My DIY HiVi Towers - Local Pickup near Seattle WA

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Hard to believe I built these back in 2006! I used them in my HT for a while then they became garage speakers. They could use a base or speaker spikes, but are otherwise ready for some sanding and finish. The MDF is showing some age, but nothing a coat of paint can't solve.

I spent a lot of time optimizing the baffle diffraction, positioning the tweeters well and rounding the edges. The enclosure has a large slot vent tuned to 44hz. Crossovers use poly caps and air core inductors.

Looking for $80 cash, local pickup only, come to my house in Kenmore WA, just north of Seattle. Email me at danspublic AT gmail dot com

I spent about $140 on drivers and electronics, and far too many hours on the enclosures.

Parts used (2x of each):

HI-VI SS6N 6" SHIELDED POLY CONE WOOFER, Link: Hi-Vi Ss6n 6" Shielded Poly Cone Woofer
HI-VI Q1R 1-1/8" TEXTILE DOME TWEETER, Link: HiVi Q1R 1-1/8" Textile Dome Tweeter
JANTZEN 2.70mH 18 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR, Link: Jantzen Audio 2.7mH 18 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil
JANTZEN .60mH 20 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR, Link: Jantzen Audio 0.60mH 20 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil
Dayton Poly Caps on tweeter and woofer
A few Dayton Non-Inductive Resistors.
Nice Binding Posts, forget the brand

Read my ancient build thread to learn more. See the last post for my final config.



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Price drop from $60 to $50

If someone is willing to pay shipping, I can package them up, but I expect even ground would be expensive.

I'm willing to cut them in half to make them easier to ship. You would have to add a bottom to turn the enclosures in .25 cut ft sealed

If that fails I will sell drivers and crossover, and trash the enclosures.
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