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FS: Monstor Toroid Power Transformers - Class A Amps

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I was given these by a generous 'paternal' benefactor who frequents this board. These were once destined to be used in high-wattage class A amps. Now I know why he gave them away! They've been sitting in my garage for about three years now?

Here are the specs (all AC voltages - final rectified DC will be higher by ~1.4x):

45v-0-45V (so 90Vct) at 1900VA.
-I have two of these, and they weigh about 43lbs each!

40V-30V-0-30V-40V (60Vct or 80Vct) at 1200VA
-This bad boy weighs about 35lbs.

54V-0-54V (108Vct) at 1500VA
-Also about 35lbs.

It looks like they can be wired for 110V or 220V. I'm not sure I've calculated the VA numbers right - each half of the secondary is rated at half the VA, so I doubled it for both halves. Don't know if that is how it is done.

I used one of these for a big, 6 channel amp. It is a pain to move around now! I think the 30-0-30 unit could maybe be used for a massive GainClone PSU. It is just slightly too high in voltage, but would probably work fine. I might keep it for that, we'll see...

Anyway, I'm going to ask $15 a piece. I'd really like to see them used. I'm located on the westside of Los Angeles. The two smaller ones fit inside a flat rate USPS package, but the two bigger ones, I don't know if they can reasonable be shipped. The best way to contact me is email: peglegpatrick AATTT gmailDOTTcom


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"Monster" doesn't do it justice...IT'S GINORMOUS! :eek:

The torroid arrived. Goodness gracious, the ladies at the post office were speculating "what is in here?" Someone told them it was my paycheck...

Your generosity has been repeated: I just sent a torroid to one of the budding enthusiasts on this forum, N/C.

Thanks for all...

Ha, thats cool. The guy at the post office asked if it was lead when I dropped it off. Poor guys, it was the busiest day of the year for them too.

I tried to give them away on craigslist, but I stipulated that the recipient had to give me an idea what they were going to do with them - lots of people wrote, but no one had even the remotest idea what to do with them.

Then I took one to a scrap yard, and they said they'd give me $4 for each one. That seemed like a waste, and I'm glad they got into good hands! I didn't think they would.

ZM...:Pinoc: :D
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.