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FS:Mixer ext power supply

I have a rackmount power supply. Came from a behringer MX3282A Console. The DC outputs are: +18V/1.5A, -18V/1.5A, +48V/250mA, +12V/0.5A and +5V/1A. I wanted to use it to build some custom channel strips, preamp or modify my mixer. Most of these projects are out of my league andi'd have to shut down my studio to finish them. If you don't want to buy it maybe you can suggest some projects for it.
BTW: Does the +18V and the -18V have something to do with balanced outputs?
Hey argonrepublic, the +/-18 rails are for the opamps bipolar power needs. They are indirectly related to balanced outs in that the balanced line driver chips also need a bipolar supply. But just about any non radio shack mixer uses bipolar supplies, even the cheap a** spirit folio consoles. If you can can even call them consoles.
MX3282A PSU uses 7-pin XLR

Hi all, just for the record:

The Behringer MX3282A uses a 7-pin XLR type connector. The PSU has a female connector on a cable, the console itself has a male chassis part. Voltages as described (I will soon own one).


One could easily create an extra power filter stage to be inserted in the cable, without altering the console or the PSU.

Regards, AudioGuy.