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FS - MAXI-MATCHER + 2A3, 7027, 7591, and EL 84 Adapters 2 Weeks old


2010-03-27 7:58 pm
I purchased this to test a bunch of tubes. Wow, this thing is seriously accurate (in terms of repeated measurements) and easy to use.


7027 - $20
2A3 - $149
EL84/6BQ5 - $35
7591 - $20

$224 in adapters
Maximatcher $599.

Total: $823

I want to keep them all together because I think the adapters would be hard to sell without the tester. I am willing to do 30% off for a total of $576.00 including shipping.

I should be able to ship this out Tuesday...Wednesday at the latest. This is a super deal. You will get copies of all the original purchase receipts. I will not hold this for anybody, if you want it, please papal me the money. I am a verified member of Paypal for 10+ years and you can check out my Ebay profile:
Amperex Bugle Boy Matched Triple Set 12AU7 Ecc82 NOS - eBay (item 250714116292 end time Oct-24-10 19:57:43 PDT)
RCA JRC 5814A BLACK Plate MATCHED QUAD SET NOS 12AU7A - eBay (item 250714116297 end time Oct-24-10 19:57:44 PDT)
Telefunken E88CC 6DJ8 6922 Triple Set - Gold Pin NOS - eBay (item 250714656006 end time Oct-26-10 01:20:23 PDT)
While you are there, feel free to bid up these tubes. If someone from DIYAudio wins one of the above listed auctions, let me know and I will donate 5% to DIYAudio.