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FS: Matched Toshiba Mosfets


These were purchased in 2017; Part of a larger order from Liubincalvin (Liu Bin) ;
Selling at my cost to acquire:

SOLD 1) Toshiba 2SJ201Y / 2SK1530Y Matched Quad Sets(4N & 4P, No NP) - $95.(Both) SOLD

SOLD 2) Toshiba 2SK2013 / 2SJ313 Octet Full NP Match (Liubincalvin's Grade A set) 8 pieces - $75. Still available

$5.00 Shipping to Lower US 48 States ONLY; International Buyers pay actual postage

See: Two .pdf files of 'Matching Data'

See: Original Order quote

See Thread;
Selling Zhou Fang’s remaining stocks including some very rare Toshiba transistors


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