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FS: Marsh Sound Design MSD-P2000 High Resolution Preamp


2010-02-08 2:55 pm
FS: Class A Preamp, Marsh Sound Design MSD-P2000 w/ new Harmony Remote

Up for sale is my Marsh Sound Design model MSD-P2000 preamplifier. This is an all class A high resolution line level preamp that retails for $1195. Many reviews feel it is a bargain at that price. It is being sold because my main system is now all tubes.

There are 6 selectible high-level inputs, two variable outputs (for biamping or subwoofer use) which are controlled by the front volume knob and two loop (monitor) fixed outputs. Along with extended, clear, and clean highs comes a higher level of weight and dimension, liquid smoothness and lack of grain are hallmarks of this preamplifier. It has the rare ability to convey all the recorded detail in a naturally balanced manner and with the emotion and feel of the music intact. Quality components throughout.

This unit looks new. There are no scratches, dings, dents or dust. Comes with manual and IEC type power cord.

$350 plus actual shipping

For fastest response, please send email to: [email protected]

Here's some reviews:

SoundStage! Equipment Review - Marsh Sound Design MSD-P2000b Preamplifier (7/2003)
StereoTimes -- Marsh Sound Design p2000b Preamplifier and A400s Amplifier


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