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FS Mark Audio (Markaudio) CHP-70 Gen.2 drive units (charcoal black cone)

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Up for sale: I have fourteen pairs of brand-new-in-box Mark Audio (Markaudio) CHP-70 Gen.2 wideband drive units with the charcoal black paper cone. I mentioned these in my charcoal / black colour cone CHP sale thread here: FS Mark Audio (Markaudio) CHP-70 Gen.2 drive units (charcoal black cone) They are the same unit, the only difference being the black / charcoal colour cone.

For background interest the CHP-70 Gen.2 was developed by Markaudio in conjunction with their Japanese distributor and a number of his jazz / small club playing and listening enthusiasts. Their object was to create a 4in wideband driver with a semi 'vintage tone' that captured some of the characteristics of classic wideband units, with a lightly shelved down top end and smooth / natural midrange tone. Between the original unit and the gen.2 MA changed its graphing scales &c.: the drivers actually have similar responses, but the Gen.2 models introduced a raft of upgrades: an improved basket, a new central cap, Japanese designed low-mass coil and a new spider design providing a 12% reduction in moving mass.

Main CHP-70 Gen. 2 features:
-Usual Markaudio shallow-profile cone for consistent off-axis response
-Reinforced self-damping polymer basket
-Long-throw suspension
-Well balanced Fs, Qt, Vas to suit different types of load (works well in sealed, vented, horn & QW -two examples below in resistive vent marKen standmounts, and used as wideband midbass drivers in a pair of compact floorstanders)
-Black (charcoal colour) paper cone
-Supplied with factory gaskets and connecting hardware

I'm asking £30 per pair plus shipping (less than half normal retail)

All drivers are packaged in their original Markaudio boxes. I use sustainable FSC rated outer cardboard boxes fastened with heavy-duty packing tape. These are reinforced inside with recycled heavy-duty cardboard and packed with recycled brown / grey packing paper and high quality bubble-insulation.

Thanks as always for looking, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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In terms of use, being functionally identical to the natural / parchment colour CHP-70 Gen.2, these are quite a flexible little unit, and as noted suit a range of enclosure types.

Frugel-horn Mk3 is a popular choice, as is the Pensil CHP. They'll go happily in other horn & QW variations of course. In terms of smaller bookshelf / standmount cabinets, as noted on the other thread, for vented boxes, 6 litres tuned to 65Hz gives a nicely usable, lightly damped response. If a little more size is available, 8 litres to 55Hz also works well; very good for a 4in driver. Butterworth sealed is approximately 5 litres. Dave has his marKen resistive vent designs also which work nicely.
Depends on the preferred courier & delivery schedule. I'll fire you a PM; please forgive me if it takes a couple of hours, I had the joys of the emergency out-of-hours dentist yesterday & I need to get an appointment this morning with my regular one for some X-rays etc. which might slow me up a mite.

All the best & apologies for any short delay again
Copying across a few general remarks from the CHP-70 Gen.2 (natural cone) thread as they also apply to these charcoal / black cone units:

I don't do subjective reviews as is generally known because of that word ('subjective'), but I'll go this far. The CHP is a nice little driver of the type; the response of these Gen.2 models isn't all that much different to the original CHP but MA changed their graphing presentation between the models, hence some of the differences. The Gen.2 introduced a raft of upgrades over the original; new cone, central cap & fastening, new Japanese designed coil, new basket, new spider. Moving mass dropped by 12%, and they went for a tonal balance within the general frequency response that nodded toward some of the old Diatones, and even (to a point) the 755. Not the same, it can't be, they're different size drivers of completely different design, but inspired by. Came out of the Japanese distributor and a number of his clients; musicians & fans of jazz, small piece music, fond of small clubs etc. They wanted something they felt captured the balance & tonal quality of the instruments in such spaces; the CHP & its CHBW sister model were the result. Nice LF for a driver of its size, midband / telephone band is smooth, gentle lift in the lower treble and the lightly shelved down HF avoids too much energy in smaller spaces; good for on or slightly off-axis (and easy to partner with an HF unit).

OK, you want a hint of the kind of thing they were thinking? Try this for a smaller / inexpensive system & space.

Musical Fidelity v90 DAC with choice of source
DIYaudio ACA kits.
FH3 as the mains
Choice of wire -tin plated copper is often favoured in these situations; Supra Classic 1.6 is an inexpensive way of obtaining it.

No, not a vintage Altec 755A setup with 300b monoblocks and a Garrard 301 source. But it should make a lot of music for the money & leans in that direction. Call it a flavour of (what would now be) the big money system.
Another pair sold. :)

Here's another pair of floorstanders that used 4 of the CHPs (interchangeable with the CHBW sister model). In this case, they were run with a simple planar super-tweeter with adjustable L-pad. Gives an idea of some of the different things that can be done with these units.


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As mentioned above, I've dug out the box I did for these units a little while ago. Compact ML quarter-wave. Gets a little lower than the pensils, different alignment (the latter has slightly boosted midbass) & a more conventional impedance load than the near-flat TL style impedance of the pensil. But it's not shabby for a small box; Fb in the high 40Hz regions & useful output to the low 40s.

Edit: I note that the plan looks to be missing one non-critical depth dimension for the plinth. It'll be 10 1/4in.


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1 more pair sold.

I've just dug through my storage shelves and discovered a couple more pairs, so as of time of this post, I have a total of 13 pairs of these excellent units still available. I'll be going through a couple of old external hard-discs later so will see if I still have any more unpublished designs I can post; if so, will put them up here & on my misc. designs thread over on the full-range forum. :)
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