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FS Marconi TF2331 Distortion Meter.

For sale, Marconi TF2331 distortion meter, operating and service manual and low distortion 1k spot frequency oscillator, all you need to measure audio amplifier THD. Will run on AC voltages of 190 - 260v, 95-130v @ 40-500hz & 18-45v DC

The TF2331 measures signals 1 - 30v (but can measure higher voltages) 20hz to 20khz down to 0.01% THD ( you will need a +15v 0v -15v PSU though, or might be able to chuck one in)). The manual covers all measurements in detail. The 1khz (ish) Wein bridge oscillator has a THD of 0.0025% THD, for more details etc see - YouTube

I'm asking £100, shipping within UK included. Will consider shipping to Europe and maybe other countries, but might cost a little extra, drop me a PM for details. It will be well packed and boxed up.



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