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FS: Manger Holoprofile

Sold ! Manger Holo-Profile (transparent version)

Sold! Thank you...

Manger Holo-Profile (transparent version)

- Original Holo-Profile packaging
- Original Holo-Profile accessories
- Price EUR 450.00 to EUR 550.00 (dependent on the country)

Used but in very good condition (almost new).

-- Now EUR 125.00

+ Paypal fee +3.5%
+ Shipping within Switzerland --- EUR 9.00
+ Worldwide shipping 1 week priority --- EUR 19.00

Payments via Paypal. Please PM me if you would like to buy it.

20160229-112528-004p.jpg 20160229-112544-008p.jpg

More info on the Holoprofile:

Accessories ? Manger Audio
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The Holo-Profiles are still available.

You might wonder why I sell these two little pieces of plexi. Many years ago I built for myself and two buddies my DIY Manger fullrange single driver speaker using the Holo-Profile. At that time I bought four pairs of them at a reasonable price. One pair remaining as spare parts. While the speakers are in use for countless years and no one managed to broke the Holos, I am selling the spare ones "without any guilt".

Our main findings using the Holos are more or less similar to different degrees depending on the listening room:

- Slightly better tonal balance
- Wider and more natural soundstage
- Exact instrument placement without "effect grabbing"

Cheers, Marco