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FS:Magnequest QS-025 SILVER output transformers.. Rare!


2009-12-25 4:58 am
Up for sale is a very rare pair of Magnequest QS-025 output transformers wound with pure silver wire. I have recently confirmed with Mike at Magnequest that this pair is the real deal. Mike told me they are still available new and quoted me a price of $6k!!!

These are an all silver version of the Ds-025 ; ( 2.5k, 60ma single ended output transformers with 8 and 16 ohm secondaries , some included a 4 ohm tap , this pair does not have 4 ohm tap)

I have used these in 2a3 and 300b amps and they are phenomenal.

This pair came out of my Fi2a3 stereo amp. (pictured below) ,. Ordering a Fi2a3 with Qs-025 was an upgrade option at one time ... Here is a quote from Don Garber of Fi, " I've had MagneQuest's new all-silver outputs for three days as of this writing and they are opening up by the day. All descriptions come back to 'natural' ".

How do they sound as compared to copper? Adjectives that come to mind, astonishing transparency , feeling closer to the performers and hearing much more in the recordings than was previously revealed ,, more extension at the frequency extremes , a wealth of musical detail ,refinement , speed , clearer sense of the recording space .

They are in very good condition and working perfectly
I can include a copy of the wiring instuction sheet
$3000 plus actual shipping
paypal is extra


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