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FS: Mach 5 Audio MJ-18 Subwoofers

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Local pick up only in the Washington DC area.
$300 per subwoofer (cabinet and driver)

For sale are my Mach 5 Audio MJ-18 (8 ohm) ported subwoofers. The drivers are 18 inches in diameter. The enclosures were professionally built to manufacturer’s specification using ¾” birch plywood and feature significant internal bracing to prevent any box coloration of the sound. These are extremely well built. The external dimensions are 21.5” wide, 24.5” tall, and 23” wide. An oil based stain was applied to achieve a cherry color finish. At the rear of the enclosure is a pair of gold plated binding posts that can accept banana plugs or bare wire. 12 gauge copper wire was used inside the cabinet. The driver is held in place using high-quality t-nuts and black allen screws for aesthetic reasons.

The drivers were hand made in Canada by Mach 5 Audio and feature a single 3” voicecoil that can handle 600 watts. The drivers were designed for either music or movies (home theater). I have used them for both and have been extremely pleased.

I have a total of four subwoofers for sale; the price listed is for each speaker. I am selling them because I am downsizing my system. I purchased the drivers new in 2007 and the enclosures were made in 2008 so they are only 2 years old. They have only been used in my house which is smoke, pet, and child free. The drivers are in perfect shape, no pushed-in dustcaps or torn surrounds.


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Price reduced from $300 to $200 per subwoofer.

I am also considering shipping these as well but prefer local pick-up in Washington DC area.

I was mistaken in one of my previous posts, they are actually tuned to ~30 Hertz. I have nearfield measurements if anybody is interested.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.