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FS: Lundahl and other Tube Amp PP Transformers

For sale - new unused in equipment, kept in storage for projects that didn't materialise. Priced at half of new value. LL1627PP are presently wired for PP on two sturdy 4mm top plates with speaker posts and 6x9 pin sockets, which can be included. LL1664 are unused.

LL1627/PP 2.3k/8ohms new €195 each selling £135 pair
LL1664/pp 3k/5ohms new €121 each selling £90 pair

I have some 6528 tubes which would be great for the above - double triodes with very low output impedence. As used in Morgan Jones Valve Amplifiers (SE).

I also have for sale a pair of vary rare Beard Audio output transformers as used in their last design - the 3060 which used eight EL84s in parallel push-pull. Bill Beard was very demanding in the parts he specified, which explains why his amps had a fantastic reputation and are still sought after by collectors. So be assured of the high quality of these transformers. They have ultra-linear taps. I can supply a Beard PCB free with these - it's for 12 x EL84s, one of their bigger models, but could be used for 8. Unusual chance to build a quality PP vintage amp! Pair: £60 (includes PCB)

I further have a pair of 4K PP toroidal transformers designed by Menno Van der Veen, a single high quality 6.6K toroidal OPT from Antrim (still available), two Pennine Audio 6.6K PP OPTs and a couple of odd 6.6K PP OPTs of good size and could be used in guitar amps/. Open to offers of any kind on all these. I also have a couple of smaller PA OPTs for EL34s which I'll throw in free with any reasonable purchase.

I'm in London UK. These are heavy, so shipping will have to be taken into consideration. I'll ship at cost.

Hi Andy

A question about the LL1664: the datasheet says the secondary is 8 ohms. I know Lundahl is flexible, but I just want to be sure that your transformers are indeed 5 ohms, as I want to use them with 6 ohms speakers and need about 3,5k to 4k primary impedance. And, what would shipping costs to the Netherlands be for the pair?

Hi Erik,

Sorry - my mistake, LL1664 is indeed as described in the datasheet. Shipping would be Royal Mail 2 small packets, around £24. they weigh 1500g each.


Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply, and a pity they are not 5 ohms. 8 ohms is too much of a mismatch in my current amplifier, and what I do not need is another set of transformers on the shelf waiting for a project :)

So if I understand correctly, that would be 66 GBP for the pair shipped? If that is so, I am in. PM me your paypal address if that is ok. Thanks

That should be fine. I'll just pack them up first to make sure the package comes in under 2 kilos, to be sure of the shipping. Andy

Hi, haven't heard back. This still work? Happy to send money once I have paypal address, also ok if shipping was too much.