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FS: Lundahl 1588, Sowter 8403, TDA1541A & Caddock TF020 (new)

FS: Lundahl 1588, Sowter 8403, TDA1541A, CS8412CP & Caddock TF020 (new)

Attention: Lundahl 1588, TDA1541A, Sowter 8304 and Caddock Resistors sold !

Still available:

4x Crystal CS8412-CP Digital Audio Interface Receiver --- EUR 64.00 / now EUR 20.00 (3)

+ Paypal fee +3.5%
+ Shipping within Switzerland --- EUR 3 to 7.00
+ Worldwide shipping 1 week priority --- EUR 9.00 to 19.00

All parts are untouched/new. Payments via Paypal. Please PM me if interested.

(3) -www.farnell.ch-
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TDA1541A / CS8412-CP picture

Extra information TDA1541A & CS8412-CP...


Zoom shot

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The Sowters, Caddocks and CS8412 are still available...

More about the excellent Sowter Output Transformer 8403-B:

- Driving amplifiers from preamplifier or suitable DAC lines with high level signals.
- May be used balanced or unbalanced.
- Ideal for adding to existing equipment.
- Provides electrical isolation to prevent small DC and/or noise/hum.

- High grade grain oriented silicon iron core for high level signals.
- Internal electrostatic screens to ensure optimum output balance.
- Twin primaries may be connected in series or parallel permitting a 1:1 or 1:2 or 2:1 voltage ratio.
- Low DC resistance to minimize insertion loss and output impedance.
- Frequency Response at 40 ohm source 1K2 ohm load 10 Hz to 30 kHz (+/-0.25 dB).
- Dimension 68mm x 45.5mm x 37.5mm