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FS low power tube amps for parts


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
I have a couple of low power amps might be good for parts.

The big one is a push pull 6bq5 sterio amp.

Then a single ended sterio 6bq5 amp

Then a pair of 6v6gt push pull amps with realy small output transformers
I alrerady started to qut one of these amps so one of the transformers is

It goes without saying I am selling these for parts only.

Anyone want the whole pile of junk? I figure shipping may be ~$50 so I was thinking $100 shiped in the con U.S.A. They don't have tubes. If
when I am packing I find a few tubes I will toss them in. But best not
to count on any tubes.


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It's ads like this one that make me wish I were in the US of A! That EL84 PP looks like it could be fun, and paired with the 6V6GT monoblocks sound perfect for three-way biamped setup, with the EL84s at the mids and highs with the 6V6GTs for the lows!


I don't have any extra scratch right now otherwise I'd get shipped to the boarder to drive over to get 'em!