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FS:Lots of tweeters Morel/Aurum Cantus

Morel Extreme 110 Black faceplates. I hooked these up in my home theater system but they werent efficient enough. Used for about 2 hours of testing. They have been sitting in the box for 2 years. Bought from ZALYTRON.

225/pair.....in original box as a matched pair

Morel MDT33 110mm face. Black faceplates.
Includes two new voice coils that I got 'just in case' and never needed them. I got these to replace my Extreme 110's for the extra DB in sensitivity. Great tweeter. Bought from ZALYTRON 2 years ago.


Aurum cantus G3 ribbons New/unused. They were 190 each from Parts express on sale. I never even tested them. I cant have a tweeter with that limited a dispersion.:headbash:


Trades welcome for new scan speak ring radiator 7000's.

Shipping is included on all of these units and I accept PAYPAL.

PM if interested and make an offer. All I can do is say no or ignore silly lowballers.