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FS: London UK. Loads of parts for tube and ss. Priced to go.

Making space time. I have a mountain of transformers which I'll never use, so they're going up for sale. So if you guys are interested in any of them, let me know and we'll fix an agreeable price which is less than market value.

I have loads of the following
6+6v at 10VA
6+6v at 12VA or more
9+9v at 60VA
12+12v at 60VA

Quite a lot of DC power supplies 12v at 1A, all leads and mains plug (cheap)

I have a lot of Russian K72 teflon caps, 0.056 and 0.1uF

Loads of electrolytic caps, 16v, 25v, some higher voltages

Loads of nice polypropylene caps like WiMA and equivalent. Small values like less than 1uF, 250v and 400v.

Some DHTs like 01A etc. Plenty of glow tubes. Some rectifiers including European ones (AZ1 mesh etc) though these may be market prices.

I'm in Kensington, London if anyone wants to pick up and choose from what's there. Or I can post to UK and EU. Possibly outside those areas but prefer simple shipping. Let me know if interested.