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FS: LME49720HA/LME49600 Servo Headphone Amp

For sale here is my hand made LME49720HA + LME49600 buffered headphone amplifier with DC servo.

This is more or less the design from the LME49600 datasheet and has a gain of 3x. There is one LME49720HA for each channel, using half the op-amp for the respective channels servo.

The output offset is 14mV/20mV. Not as low as I would have liked it to be, but it's perfectly acceptable. This is caused by the IC's natural offset characteristics; any DC on the inputs will be nulled by the servo.

The power supply is a DATEL BWR-15/330-D12A DC/DC converter. It can take a 9-18VDC input and output +/-15VDC @ 330mA. There is added CLC filtering on the outputs of the supply to clean up any residual noise. This converter alone sells for almost $90.

Digi-Key - 811-1723-5-ND (Manufacturer - BWR-15/330-D12A-C)

The ALPS volume pot has a switch that is used to control a FET that turns the supply on/off. A 12V 2A switching style wall-wart is included to power the DC/DC converter.

Please keep in mind this was a DIY project and it is being sold as such. Buyer takes all responsibly for it's use.

Price is $85 shipped (US/CA only).


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