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FS: Kenwood KR9600 replacement caps 12,000UF 80vdc

Price is firm... need to move some idle stock out I have several sets of 4 or if you want 2 I have several of these Panasonic Caps 12,000uf 80volts Free shipping $42.00 for qty 4 .... if you need less. $10.00 each + ship.
they are the same value as the KR9600 main caps and can be used there. 4 leads but 2 can be cut off. They are shorter than the originals but are the same width (40 mm). I use these for the cost savings in a KR9600. They may work also in the KA9100 it has 40mm caps. These may work in other units also.
These are brand new never used. Digikey sells them for more.--- plus shipping

The part # is ECE-T1KP123FA ECE-T1KP123FA Panasonic Electronic Components | Capacitors | DigiKey if you want to look them up. Mouser has none.

PM me if interested or post .. PM is quicker

John M


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