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FS: KEF C75 Uni-Q Speakers


I am selling this pair of KEF C75 floor standing speakers, they play without any issues, sound fantastic, and look great in the room. The speakers both have the grill cloth covers, and have sequential serial numbers.

I have owned the speakers for 3 years, played at reasonable levels in a pet and smoke free home. Selling them now for no reason other than I have one pair too many speakers!

They use KEF's Uni-Q technology where the tweeter is mounted co-axially to the midrange, using the cone of the mid as a waveguide for better a dispersion pattern. This configuration also gives better time alignment between the two drivers, making the speakers sound more natural, allowing them to 'disappear' in the room as you listen to the music.

Price is $275 for the pair with local pickup in the Los Angeles, CA area.

I am also selling a Marantz SR3100 Stereo Receiver that was used to drive these speakers. The receiver has a tuner and phono input in addition to the usual line level inputs and has 100% functionality. I'll add photos of this receiver soon - currently it is wired up to the system on my rack.


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