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FS: JBL 1200H 12" Bass Drivers, 50th Anniversary Gold

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Model 1200H 12" woofers used in the JBL 50th anniversary speaker.
These are also the same as used in the 4425 mk II but with 24k gold plated frames.

$220/pr+shipping cost

US sale preferred but would consider international shipping if you're nice!

Got these NOS, used them lightly for about a year in a custom build and am now parting that out.
Foam surrounds still in good condition. Probably at least several years of life before needing to be refoamed.
Foam vent cover still intact with plenty of life left.
Marks from mounting screws will be concealed by whatever mounting screw you use.
Some light scuffs on the polished front edge which do not go through the plating.
Any cone color difference in the photos is lighting in the room, the cones appear the same shade in person.

Measured T/S parameters below if interested in using these for a custom build.
I used them in a large (~3-4 cubic foot) vented cabinet but they would do fine in a smaller enclosure, or sealed with a subwoofer. Could be a good option for a bling waveguide-two-way speaker design. These look good surface mounted which is a nice change from most beefy bass drivers.

Φεφφ [1] effective cone (m) 0.259
diameter (inch) 10.19
Sd effective cone (m2) 0.0526
area (inch2) 81.51
Mms [2] moving (gram) 86.76
mass (ounce) 3.06

Re dc resistance (ohm) 5.69
Res (Zpk - Re) (ohm) 61.92
Le [3] voice coil inductance (mH) 1.62
Bl force factor (T-m) 15.58
Qes electrical Q factor (dimensionless) 0.37

fs resonant frequency (Hz) 28.9
Cms mechanical (μm/N) 350.0
compliance (inch/lb) 0.061
kms mechanical (N/m) 2857.1
stiffness (lb/inch) 16.32
Xmax [4] excursion (mm) 5.00
(inch) 0.20
Qms mechanical Q factor (dimensionless) 4.03

Vas acoustic (liter) 135.4
compliance (ft3) 4.78
SPL efficiency (dB) 91.4
Qts total Q factor (dimensionless) 0.34


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