FS Infocus/3M projector setup


2002-04-10 5:06 am
Well i've graduated to a new projector recently and its time to sell my old setup.

I have a infocus TVT-3000 LCD panel for overhead projection. This panel was designed specifically with animation in mind......supposedly spec'd for 30fps animation with no artifacts.
This is VGA only 640*480. Comes with a radio shack AC adapter and the computer cord.

The overhead projector is the High Performance/High Resolution 3M 9550.

It uses cheap EVD halogen projector bulbs. And produces 4000 lumens of light. This unit has a varifocal triplet lens design to ensure crisp focusing of the entire picture. It also has an easy lamp change switch so you can easily swap lamps if one burns out during use. It includes 3 new bulbs and 1 in the projector (30-40 hours left on the 1 bulb)

Is anyone interested in the setup before i hit ebay with it?