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FS: In Los Angeles: four 12" budget subwoofers

I have FOUR Elemental Designs EHQS 12 subwoofers I purchased for a project which didn't end up happening.

This is a well-made subwoofer that doesn't compete with $100 or $200 each subwoofers, but sounds totally decent, and with four of them, it DOES compete with pretty good individual subwoofers.

There are a LOT of posts about this subwoofer on the internet, as it was offered for the ridiculously good price of $40 each when it came out. I'm selling it for half of that. $80 for all four. These are the 4 ohm version.

Here are some threads about the subwoofer, including box designs, the first is the official thread from the manufacturer:

ICIXSound.COM Forums - EHQS 12" OEM Subwoofer

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Specs of the driver are:

Qts: .375
Qes: 0.49
Qms: 1.506
Fs: 25.5 Hz
Re: 1.80
Vas: 157 L
Mms: 90 g
Bl: 7.2 T*m
SPL: 89.1 dB
Sd: 510 m^2
Xmax: 9.1 mm

Magnet Width: 5.25"
Cutout Diameter: 11.00"
Mounting Depth: 5.00"
Weight: lb
Total Height: 5.60"
Displacement: .04 ft^3
Outside Diameter: 12.00"

Box Size : 1.5cF Sealed / 2.0cF Vented
Power Handling : 200w