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FS: Hypex Ncore signal cable, Qty 4 pieces. $7.50 incl. shipping.

There are 4 pieces for sale. Will sell in pairs. It comes prepared for the Ncore and is 48.5cm or 19 inches long not counting the connector length.

You can use it as audio cable by cutting of the termination or on the Ncore. Listed on Hypex for $9+ depending on conversion rate plus shipping. Will sell for $7.50 including shipping to continental US. Sold in pairs, please

From Hypex Website.

Ncore signal cable

50cm balanced signal cable with 4-pin connector also providing the enable signal.


The QuietConduit cable design incorporates several refinements over normal balanced cables. A conductive polymer interface layer between the braid shield and the insulation of the signal conductor short-circuits triboelectric currents where they are generating, virtually eliminating microphonic noise pickup. A secondary benefit of this layer is to improve the electrostatic shielding effectiveness of the braid shield. Another crucial improvement is the elimination of drain wires, which is normally included for ease of termination but which allow shield currents to couple noise asymmetrically into the signal conductors. The geometry of the QuietConduit cable is precisely controlled, insuring that any noise coupling is strictly limited to common mode.


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