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FS: Hypex Ncore NC400 DIY with Hexateq Chassis (Boxes) $1,500 OBO

SOLD: FS: Hypex Ncore NC400 DIY with Hexateq Chassis (Boxes) $1,500 OBO

The NC400 are new in the box that has been opened. It comes with the SMPS 600 power supply mate. Also included are all the cabling that comes with the Nc400 and the SMPS600 and associated cabling.

The Hexateq boxes are nice boxes that can be used to house these NC400. Pictures for installations, template for drilling holes are included.

Call connection components, screws are included as well as heatshrink and pictures for installation. No written instructions.

New Prices NC400 x 2 + SMPS 600 x 2 = $1,500 (includes shipping)
Hexateq boxes $400 each, x 2$800.
Total New - $2,300.

Selling all for $1,500 OBO including shipping to continental US.

These are a trade-up for the VERITAS Monoblocks.
Merrill Audio Stereo equipment for the demanding Audiophile

For pictures see here.
Hypex Ncore NC400 DIY with Hexateq Chassis (Boxes) $1,500 OBO
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