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FS: Huge LOT of Speaker Crossover Parts

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I have a huge LOT of NEW & USED Crossover parts for sale (~190 Parts):

~90 Power Resistors
55 qty. 16 Watt NIWW AchrOhmic brand from France ($1.60 each at Solen)
20 qty. 10 Watt MO Lynk Brand
10 Miscellaneous Sandcast 10 W Wirewound Low Inductance type
6 Caddock Type 930 16 Watt

23 Inductors (0.05 to 16mH)
15 Air-core Solen Perfect-lay (includes 6.8mH Solen Perfect-Lay Air-core 18GA X 4 units)
8 Ferrite/Iron core (3mH to 16mH)
Note the 4 X 16mH Coils are not shown & are hand-wound to this value from 12mH)

Metallized PP Film Capacitors (including 2 new 50uF Clarity Cap ESA 250V {$95USD/Pr.} + 2 CC CSA 0.22uF 600V)
Solen/Dayton/Clarity Cap/E-Cube type
Approximately 40 units

Non-Polarized Electrolytic Capacitors (6.8 -125uF)
13 Misc. units

Polarized Electrolytic Capacitors (470-4700uF)
22 Misc. units


Payment via PayPal in Canada & US & EMT in Canada as well


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