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FS: Hi-Vi Research RT2 Isodynamic planar tweeters

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So what does the RT2a look like and where can you buy it for $32 ???

My understanding is that all the RT2 drivers are basically the same driver with same specs, just different face plates...

RT2 18cm 28cmsq Ribbon 94db 30watts 8ohms
RT2C 18cm 28cmsq Ribbon 94db 30watts 8ohms
RT2E 17cm 28cmsq Ribbon 94db 30watts 8ohms
RT2H 17cm 28cmsq Ribbon 94db 30watts 8ohms

I'll recheck the model number on the tweeters tonight.
More info on RT2

Here's some more info I could find.
I would like to add that I find it doubtful that the RT2 would sell for less than the $60 that parts expess sells the RT1C-A for...


RT series tweeters use isodynamic planar transducers that use Kapton® film membranes, shielded Neodymium magnet systems and aluminum faceplates. Distinguishing features are almost perfectly flat impedance with fantastic speed, resolution, and transient response.The RT1 series features a large radiating area and a cast aluminum faceplate. Although designed for use in a small 2-way system, it is also well suited for 3-way applications. Recommended second order crossover cut-off frequency - from 3kHz. *Power handling: 20 watts RMS/30 watts max *Nominal impedance: 5 ohms *DC resistance: 4.8 ohms *Frequency range: 3,000-21,000 Hz *SPL: 93 dB 1W/1m.

The RT2 series features a larger membrane and radiating area, providing higher power handling and a substantially lower cut off frequency. The large membrane is thermally attached to the cast aluminum faceplate providing cooling and dramatically increasing dynamic range. The RT2 is available with three different faceplates; circular, elliptical and horn loaded. The mild horn shape of the RT2H-A provides a 1dB increase in sensitivity while avoiding the usual artifacts of horn-loading The RT2 series are perfect for 2 or 3-way applications. Recommended second order crossover cut-off frequency - from 1.8kHz. *Power handling: 80 watts RMS/115 watts max *Nominal impedance: 8 ohms *DC resistance: 7.5 ohms *Frequency range: 1,700-21,000 Hz *SPL: 94 dB 1W/1m

well, I personally bought a pair of RT2's from speakercity.com about a year ago for $50/ea and the price went even farther down after that. they are in fact not the same, if you go to the hi-vi site (www.swanspeaker.com) you'll see that the RZT2a is rated to 1.8khz while the RT2 is only good to 3khz, a pretty big difference. The RT2 is more akin to the PE PT2 planar tweeter, its got a plastic faceplate and a smaller rear chamber than the RT2a. I do however endorse the RT2 highly, i love mine so they're still good, but they're not worth as much as RT2a's.
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