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FS: Hashimoto transformers


2008-02-01 8:59 pm
SOLD: Hashimoto transformers :SOLD


I am funding a project and it's got me making some difficult decisions. I have decided to let go a pair of Hashimoto H-20-3.5U output transformers and a pair of matching C-10-200W chokes. I purchased these four and a half years ago, and prices have increased considerably since then. Here's the pricing from the time of purchase:

H-20-3.5U x 2 -- $530.00/pr. (currently at $718/pr on eBay)
C-10-200W x 1 -- $200.00/ea. ($400.00/pr., don't know current cost)

The outputs are very versatile transformers, handy for single ended 2A3s and 300Bs. Beautiful, top notch Japan quality. These are brand new, in their original boxes, unspoilt by clumsy soldering-iron wielding clods...

The chokes match the outputs, in same size potting cans. Also brand new, in original packaging.

Asking price is $1000. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail in US would be $20.

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