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FS: Hagerman Piccolo MC headamp


Paid Member
2003-01-27 2:36 am
South NJ
Here's a rough looking but great sounding MC step-up amp.

Works well, very silent. Hum and noise free in my system.
Currently hardwired for 20dB, Can easily be changed to 12dB or 26dB by resoldering 3 wires.
Case is ... rough. Also missing 4 screws that attach the top.
Variable loading, can be changed by knob on front of case.
Currently hardwired for battery operation: 12v* battery pack and charger included.
Uses bnc connectors, and I'll include the rca adapters.
On pcb rework, some traces lifted, so i had to solder some wires to alternate points.

I'm willing to sell everything or without the case or without the battery/charger.

I'd like to get $125 but am open to offers.


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