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FS: Great Plains Audio Alnico V 288-8H Drivers

I have a pair of mint GPA 288-8H drivers with Alnico V magnets (2.05 Tesla!!!) in excellent to good condition (a couple of scratches here and there but entirely cosmetic); see attached pictures. They were purchased in 2012 directly from GPA and a picture of the invoice is attached. They will ship in their original boxes.

On a proper horn, these will produce unrivaled midrange and high frequency. Throw in a good 12-15 inch woofer and call it done. I've used these at 500Hz cutoff with multicells and CD horns (109db/wm sensitivity) over open baffle woofers to great satisfaction. These were driven with various 45 tube based amps so were never overdriven.

I paid $1100 for the pair and am looking for $SOLD or best offer (PayPal adds 3%). I have excellent feedback on Ebay, audiogon, head-fi and usaudiomart.

More information can be found at the link below.
http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/downloads/288-8H Spec Sheet.pdf

Thanks for looking.


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