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FS: GR Research AV3 TL Speakers Cherry


2012-03-15 12:36 pm
I have for sale a pair of GR Research AV3 TL tower type speakers finished in real wood cherry veneer. They feature two (2) GR Research 5-1/4" M130-16 woofers in parallel and a GR Research 1" silk dome T-3 tweeter in a transmission line tower type cabinet, 43" H x 8"W x 11-1/2" D with a rear terminus. Frequency response range is 40 hz - 20Khz +/- 1.5 db. Efficiency is 91 db/1M/1W.
Impedance is 8 ohms. Also, these speakers have the Sonicap crossover capacitors, foil inductors, and No-Rez performance upgrades. These speakers have a very clean, transparent sound quality with excellent sound stage imaging and depth. Bass response is clean and well defined down to 40 Hz. Selling the pair for $450.00

Note - Due to the size and weight of these speakers shipping cost would be very expensive from where I live along coastal southeastern Virginia. Therefore, I will only be selling to a buyer for local pickup in the Hampton / Newport News area of Virginia.


  • AV-3 Grill On 001.jpg
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