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FS: Fostex FW305 12" Woofers, as new!

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I am selling an as-new set of Fostex FW305 12" Woofers. I bought these a few years ago for a project that I was unable to complete. After moving to a new (1920s) house, I have come to realize we just don't have the room and these are never going to come together.

These have never been hooked up to a current, and one of the boxes is still sealed. Speakers will be shipped in the same box they were shipped to me in, and will include the hardware originally included.

The specs and build quality are very impressive, you can find info here:

These retail for over $300 each. I will take a hit and sell the pair for $345 plus shipping to move them. Price includes the PP fee. Please feel free to contact me at layne_oh (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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