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FS: Finished Bookshelf Speakers and Yamaha amp



Drivers are Dayton RS28a tweeter and Seas Prestige ER15 woofers. Cabinets were CNC'd and are finished in walnut veneer with satin lacquer. Crossover has all poly caps (Audyn Q4). Damped second order on the woofer and third order on the tweeter. The Seas Excel W15LY Nextel cone is almost an exact drop in replacement. It looks like only a resistor change on the tweeter since the W15LY is about 1-1.5 db less sensitive.

Looking for around 350€ plus shipping. They have about $350-360 in parts only before cabinets. Basically looking to get back close to what I put into them. I'm moving back to the U.S. and they are too expensive to ship home to be worth it. I'd like to sell the whole thing over parting out, but I'll consider parting out over trying to ship them back to the U.S. The cabinets will fit most tweeters but only Seas woofers without modification.

I also have a Yamaha A-S201 amp in silver. Bought new for 185€. Less than a year old. Looking for 100€.

If you buy both, 400€ together plus shipping.
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