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FS : FC-100 amplifier partially assembled

Hi there,
I am selling my FC 100 assembly kit. I have way too many projects and I'm starting to sell some of them.
Roender's FC-100 prototype and builder's thread - diyAudio
the SET includes these boards
- 2x AMP
- 2x Shunt, asembled&working
- 2x Speaker Protection, asembled&working
- 1x Softstart, asembled&working
- all - 1% resistors
- all electrolytic capacitors
- Vishay MKP capacitors
- EPCOS MKP capacitors
- Silver Mica capacitors
- small signal transistor, matched driver transistors
- 20+20 output power transistor NJL0281/NJL0302
- shunt Transformer, 4x34V transformer that Rudi had made customized
- 2x main transformer 2x25V 350VA
- 8x 10000uF Elcos
And a massive customized housing, dimensions 435x150x400mm, missing only the front plate.
With laser cut top, bottom and back made from fe sheet of 3mm.

If you want to I can give you detailed assembly instructions.
You can have an EXCEL sheet to have a look at the exact parts if you want.
Please ask if there are any questions left!
Price = 800.00€, shipping not included.
I'm from Slovenia (Europe) so only European candidates please.



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