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FS : FC-100 amplifier not assembled

Hi have this very nice amplifier for sale. I have way way too many projects and I'm starting to sell some of them.

I have all the parts for assembling it including the small Badel transformer from the GB

Here's what's included from the initial GB
2x Shunt PCB
1x Soft Power-on PCB
2x 0R1 resistors
2x Matched sets of NJL0281/NJL0302
2x capacitor MKP 1839

Plus I have bought all other MATCHED transistors needed from Rudi

I have also all the other parts to finish the amp, all of which I have not opened yet. Everything is still sealed in bags.

Roender's FC-100 prototype and builder's thread - diyAudio

I paid everything close to 500$ for everything and this include the matching fees and shipping that I paid.

I'll let everything go for 360$ shipping and Paypal included or best offer.

Also would exchange for the following:
FDA-1B Full Balance PCM1794A DAC
4x SB Acoustics SB23 (SB23NRXS45-8) New
4x Good quality drivers similar to SB23 New or almost new 9/10
Good quality amplifier chassis (Big)

Rudi, thanks for everything. I really wanted to build this amp but I have way too much on my plate at the moment, including two other amps I had before buying this one, two preamps, one DAC and two pairs of speakers... :eek:
And I certainly won't have enough funds to put them all in nice chassis.

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All the parts like resistors caps,connectors etc. ?

Everything is included except the main power transfos and the power mosfet heatsink. Whatever is needed on the boards is included.

This also includes
cmall heatsinks
all matched transistors

Please see below pictures

Here's some pics of the sealed bags and PCBs, Badel transfo, etc...