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FS: EPI M201 Speakers, Restored

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This might be the wrong audience for this, but here goes...
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EPI M201. Rare beasts. Exceptional sound. What Win Burhoe did with these drivers is something very special. I took these in as a basket case. Replaced two woofers and one tweeter. Retained the original rubber surrounds. These are early models from around 1971/1972. The drivers are all the traditional EPI square magnet deals. Grill cloth was replaced with new. EPI badges were 3D printed to resemble the originals. You can also get "official" replacements from Human Speakers. New 8uf metalized-poly caps installed. (The original caps were WAY off spec. This is one case where a recap was absolutely necessary.) Cleaned the tweeter controls, retained the 4 ohm/16 ohm switch.

The bad: I cleaned the wood veneer the best I could. The veneer has some spits, some lifting, some missing pieces. But I think these speakers are very presentable as-is. I gave them a light sand, 2 coats of tinted Restore-A-Finish, Citrus Feed & Wax, and buffed them out. They are not "concourse winners", but "daily drivers," if you know what I mean. Also, one of the plastic caps on the rear terminals came off. The spring loaded terminal still works as it should and holds wire nice and tight. I thought about switching to 5-way posts, but decided against it and for originality. Changing the posts should be easy work.

Sequential serial #s 5503 and 5504

Asking 300 negotiable dollars in exchange for these classics.

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I always criticize posting videos of stereo systems because the sound you hear is YOUR system, not mine. But just to illustrate how cool it is to watch these things work it.... (iPod into a Schiit passive pre, into an Adcom GFA-535-II)

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