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FS - Eminence EMI-1550 15" Subwoofer Driver

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FS - Eminence EMI-1550 15" Subwoofer Driver $85/ea

I have 2 of these. Price is for each.
Price includes shipping and insurance in the lower 48.

This woofer was developed by Eminence for Madisound. It was designed to be a knockoff of the Fostex FW405N 15" Woofer. It sounds awesome on its own. It is not as good as the $500+ Fostex FW405N. But then its price is almost 1/5 of the Fostex. When put inside a good cabinet it makes an awesome sub. It is extremely efficient but doesn’t go as low as the low as the lowest subwoofers. What you gain is a sub that has much better dynamics and doesn’t need a 1000W amp. Due to the very high efficiency, it has great jump and boogie factor. In direct comparison to REL & JL Audio you lose the lowest notes, but it sounds much quicker and more natural. This woofer can pressurize the average size room to 115 dB w/ just 100 watts. Why doesn’t everyone use this woofer? It has a higher VAS parameter than many of its competitors. So it can’t work its magic in a tiny box. To get optimum performance that trounces most $3000 subwoofer, it needs a 6 cu. ft. box. That is 24”X24”X18”. If you have room for that, you can have an awesome subwoofer for a fraction of what others charge. I have 3 available. They are leftovers from large installations. They are unused and still new in the box. They are $109.50 + shipping from Madisound.

Specs listed below:
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
SPL 96.3 dB (2.83V@1m)
Re 6.73 ohm
Fs 24.3 Hz
Qms 10.0
Qes 0.23
Qts 0.23
Vas 501 liters
Sd 832 cm2
BL 19.4 TM
Cms 0.51 mm/N
Mms 84 g
Mmd 70.2 g
X-Max Peak 7.15 mm
Le 4.13 mH
Vd 589 cm3
Efficiency 2.96%

Frame diameter 389mm (15.32")
Cut out diameter 355.5mm (14.0")
Mounting holes diameter 7mm (0.275")
Mounting hole circle diameter 369.9mm (14.56")
Depth from back of flange 146mm (5.75")
Flange thickness including front gasket 20mm (0.787")

Magnet Weight 67 ounce (1.9kg)
Power 150 Watts
VC winding height 23.83mm
Gap height 8.76mm
Voice Coil Diameter 2" (50mm)
4 Layer Voice Coil with 27 AWG copper wire on polymide former
These drivers are indeed moderate cost and high efficiency. They get the BL in the coil which is why the inductance is up over 4mH. If they put some shorting rings around a 2 layer coil and used a larger magnet assembly you'd get rid of a lot of motor distortion with the same overal performance, including the sound of the fairly light cone. They seem like real good choices only when power efficiency, cost, and weight are the most serious issues. Maybe cool to use in some of the larger battery powered blasters people are building lately.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.