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FS: Elekit TU-8200 tube amplifier fully built

I'm selling my completed Elekit TU-8200 as I'm looking at funding a more complex build now I've been bitten by the tube bug.

I built the amp in March so it's only really run in and it really lives up to the hype. The amp is in standard format so there's plenty of scope for upgrading. It is fitted with the standard EH 6L6GCs and I've been using it to drive a pair of vintage Tannoy 607s which it has done very capably.

I've listed the amp on Ebay so it may sell however I thought I'd give the opportunity for someone who knows how good this amp is (hopefully if you're reading this forum you will have some idea) to have a chance to purchase it.

The amp is in Cheshire, UK and I can arrange for it to be delivered anywhere in the UK for about £25. I could also deliver it personally within about 100 miles of Warrington. Given the weight of the amp and the nature of it, I can't post it overseas - sorry.

I'm asking for £450 which I think is fair given the quality and what it cost me to get it here from Japan....make me an offer. :)


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