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FS: Electro Voice Wolverine ST12 speaker pair

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For sale, two ElectroVoice Wolverine ST12 speakers. Both have had the capacitor replaced with Dayton 3uF polypropylenes. Both are fully functional and have DCRs of 7.8 and 8.1 ohms.

One has a potentiometer to adjust the tweeter level and the other has a switch.

I made a youtube video with them hooked up to my tube amp/turntable with no cabinets.


I have cabinets for them but they are too large and heavy to ship, so I am selling the drivers only. For local pickup the buyer can take the cabinets also. They are located in central Alabama.

I have more pix I can send.

$200 shipped in the continental USA, price is firm. PayPal only. Will consider trade for Crites CT-120 or CT-125 tweeters.



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I decided to put the cabinets back together, of course I cannot ship them so it would have to be local pickup in central Alabama (or I can meet within a reasonable distance). I also made a youtube video with them installed in the cabinets:


Here is a finished pix.



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