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FS: Edcor iron package for SimpleSE and related amps


2007-11-02 2:15 am
For sale is the following set of 3 Edcor transfornmers for the SimpleSE project described on
the tubelab.com web site, and also in the tube amps section here.

Outputs (2):
(25 watt, 5k primary, 40% UL tap, 8 ohm secondary)

XPWR-033: $
(120 vac primary, 380-0-380 @ 200 mA, 6.3v @ 5A, 5v @ 3A secondaries.
Don't confuse these outputs with the $18 Edcors -- these have end bells, lead wires
and are much nmore substantial with wider bandwidth and better bass performance.
The comments around the web on these is overwhelmingly positive, and I wouldn't hesitate
to use them in a very good amp. I just decided to go with a complete set of custom
Electraprint iron for this project.
The bells on the OPTs are blue (and nicely finished), and the PT is a light gray,
but I also have a spare set of the gray bells that fit the OPTs as well.
OPTs are $83.50 each, and the PT was $60, and I'll sell the package for $200 shipped.
They are brand new, never used, never had any wires stripped, etc. More information
can be found on the edcorusa.com web site.

Check my feedback on agon under username Mindset, and buy with complete confidence.

Thanks for looking,