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FS: ecdesigns DI-16 parts


2006-07-09 6:59 pm

I ordered enough parts for 2 DI-16 DACs and would like to sell some extra parts for the second DAC. These are the parts that are unavailable through Digikey, Mouser, etc. here in the US. In the case of the 100pF/220pF EXFS capacitors, overseas is the only source. With regard to some of the 74-series parts, there are substitutes, but these are the exact parts that are used (Philips). Here's a list:

74HC164N 07WX3687 (10)
74HCT00N 07WX3515 (1)
74HC161N 07WX3684 (1)
74HC4520N 07WX3653 (1)
100pF 79K4031 (6)
220pF 96K9641 (5)
11DQ10 09F5965 (8)
SN74HC00N 60K6816 (1)
22-23-2101 18M8005 (1)
22-23-2051 38C9178 (1)
22-23-2081 01C7592 (1)
2222 338 20333 9682285 (3)

first column is manufacturer part number, second column is Farnell/Newark part number and third is quantity.

All parts are still packaged. I'd be willing to ship worldwide.

Please contact me for more details. I'll post a price once I figure out what I have in these parts... until then, feel free to make me an offer.