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FS Dynavector DV-10X5

For sale a Dynavector Dv 10X5 high output MC cartridge in superb condition with max 60hrs of use, it came with a Thorens TD 126 mkiv that I bought from a good friend a couple of years ago (the one you see in the last photo), he had bought the cartridge as new put it on the turntable and after three months he sold it to me.

I played just a couple of records with it and after that I replaced it with a Benz Micro Wood SL I already had in my collection, since then it stayed stored in my drawer.

I own three different turntables and some more low output mc cartridges that I prefer so time for the 10X5 to find a new home.
Magnified photos are taken with my digital microscope.

Asking 320 euro (paypal friends and family) shipped.

The cartridge will be shipped worldwide by post, registered mail with tracking number and signed for.