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FS: Dynaudio/Eton drivers


2003-07-07 9:00 pm
ad and pics on audiogon

Four = 24w100, Four =17w75, Two=D28af
All in excellent working/sonic condition., Cosmetically there are the usual mars/dings/scratches on the frames and one of the 24w100’s has some paint that flake off the frame and a small amount of light surface rust but is functionally/sonically excellent
all 24w100’s+17w75’s have had the surrounds replaced in the last 2-3 years by Meniscus Audio
Believe it or not they were use in a WMTMW design for a 55 year old female friend who would use it to listen to piano/classical music…….has now renovated her house and modernized to a small 5 channel HT system
Prefer to sell as complete set for $375

Two= Dynaudio 15w75-04 Esotecs
Used lightly and have been on the shelf for at least 2-3 years…in very good + shape physically and sonically excellent…time to go $110 for pair

Two= Eton 7/380’s Kevlar midbass………Excellent sonic/mechanical (one small piece 1mm of paper sticking to the surround on one driver I didn’t even want to try to remove) Were used briefly and lightly and have been sitting on the shelf for at least 5+ years….time to go $75 for pair

If you look a couple of posts up you can see they were all sold a few years back.......I was a bit suprised to see my old ad bumped up.
On a side not, as a coincidence , I have a friend who may be redoing one of his systems which would make a pair of 17wext's and 17m's available if anyone is interested.