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FS: DIY-Kit: Ceasar2 300b, Triode Dich, with Thoeress c-core-ots, sale or swap

Due to cancelling my hobby, I´m selling or swapping a nearly complete high end diy-kit for the well known Ceasar 2 monos by Triodedick.

The kit consists of:

2x psu-transformer, AE-Europe
2x choke, AE-Europe
2x SM102a c-core output transformers, handmade by Reinhard Thoeress,
Aachen Germany
2x Tentlabs Heater Supplies for 300b
Nearly all passive components needed, including MundorfZn-caps and JJ electrolytics, tube-sockets, ... .
2x chassis made of 3 cm alloy (need to be sandblasted)
2x top plate, made of lasered stainless steel (need to be sandblasted)
4x tranny cover
tubes D3a, Ecc99

The kit cost me roundabout 1300 Euros.

Sales price here: 850 Euro or swap against a reasonable turntable.

Located in Heinsberg or Düsseldorf, Germany. (Next to the dutch, belgian boarder)