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FS: Dissipante 5U aluminum case with connectors and power supply


2015-02-03 11:20 pm
For sale complete assembled Dissipante 5U case 400mm with aluminum covers and 10mm black aluminum front panel.
It has all the back panel connectors, an Antek 800VA transformer, and 2 power supplies, one for each channel.
It also has a standby 12V trigger ( standby) module. You can turn on the amp from an external 12V or from the main switch.
It's all assembled and wired, all you need is to install your own amplifiers modules.
Could be use to build First watt F5, F6, F7 etc
The case itself sells for $386 plus shipping on diy store.
The pictures shows installed some F7 clone amplifier modules that I designed, but those will be removed.
I paid around $900 to build this
The price is $600 usd without the amplifiers modules.


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